“Like the tiger indigenous to Sumatra, this coffee is big, bold, unpredictable and utterly captivating”

Found: Starbucks Sumatra coffee bag. Who knew coffee could be so exciting?


Impression Le Reveillon

Impression Le Reveillon

by Oscar Wilde

The sky is laced with fitul red

The circling mists and shadows flee

The dawn is rising from the sea

Like a white lady from her bed

And jagged broken arrows fall

Athwart the feathers of the night

And a long wave of yellow light

Breaks silently on tower and hall,

And spreading wide across the wold

Wakes into flight some fluttering bird,

And all the chestnut tops are stirred,

And all the branches streaked with gold.


Found: Online I think. I love the imagery.


All students in their third year of the Textile and Apparel Design Program submit a portfolio for portfolio review. Portfolio Review (back in November) was a night of friends, food, and of course, fashion. It was great to see everyone’s work, and to show my friends and family what us TAD (Textile and Apparel Design) kids do. I was also excited to receive portfolio of distinction. My parents came and we went out to eat after wards at my favorite Chinese restaurant, Fu Gu. (Rufan introduced it to me, and I love it.) Elena and Adam came later and we saw Harry Potter 7 on Imax! It was a really nice night- a great way to celebrate everyone’s hard work. So, without further ado, here is my first portfolio. Many thanks to my photographers, Luke Burke and Eric Gaurkee, and my models Nathalie, Kelly, and Miki.

The Dog Owner

Pro photos courtesy of Eric Gaurkee, and modeled by my talented and adorable classmate, Miki.

“The Dog Owner” was a realization of one of my designs for the Apparel I Duality project. This project focused on communicating two opposing ideas in one garment –  in my case, domestic versus wild. For this piece, I focused on the role control and trust play in the relationship between people and their pets. I also thought about human perception of pets in opposition to their pets’ natural disposition as animals.

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I Spy… The White Balloon.

As Trace and I walked back from the Art Institute to the train station, we (well, everyone) spied this man carrying a massive white balloon.  He seemed amused by everyone’s curiosity over his unconventional load. It certainly made us smile and wonder, and as you can see, I couldn’t help but take a haphazard picture as we crossed the street.


Our annual student fashion show is today! Molten Rose and Reincarnation and  The Dog Owner (a look I have not yet written about) are on the runway, and I have my embroidery book, a sample, jacket, some fashion illustrations, and some paper pieces in the gallery. I’m really pumped, it is so awesome to see everyone’s work presented in a more professional environment. All I have to say is that I was not the only one who almost cried with joy at rehearsal today. It’s all coming together after months and months of hard work!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hope you are a having a lovely Valentine’s Day weekend! I used to not be a huge Valentine’s Day fan, until I realized this holiday does not just have to be about romantic love (although that is always nice). I like to think of it as holiday where you can show some love to your family, friends, significant other, or even people you don’t know. I tried to embody this sentiment at the party “Show Some Love” that I had last weekend, where I invited people to make valentines and contribute to the Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development Fund, while watching Paris Je T’aime and New York I Love You.

Here’s a picture of the valentines I made at the party– who knows, maybe you will get one? 🙂

I’ll leave you with this poem by David Meltzer that I came across one day while working at the library in high school. I think it shows how love is rather indescribable…

The heart sees

what the mind sees

what the eyes see