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Sweet website that I thought I would share with you.

As I was lamenting my loss of online flashcards concerning seam finishes and specialty fabrics and the like (forgot to save them before moving onto voguepatterns.com) my friend Kerry knocked on my door to tell me about this fabulous website! I love the inspiration boards, I love how she makes something super cool and unique  out of inexpensive materials, and I especially love the title- P.S. I made this. Whenever I wear something I’ve made, I secretly look forward to getting a compliment, so I can tack on the “I made it”.

So that made losing the flashcards less painful because I had something pretty to look at. Thanks Kerry!


The Terrace.

Oh, the Memorial Union Terrace. The perfect place to sit on a sunny day. I certainly do hope we have some sunny days left! Other than lounging on Bascom Hill, The Terrace is my favorite place to be on a sunny day. It is a great place for attempting to do homework, and then getting distracted by people watching, duck watching, lake watching, ice cream eating, music-listening… etc. IMG_4417IMG_4427IMG_4430IMG_4431