I spy

I Spy… The White Balloon.

As Trace and I walked back from the Art Institute to the train station, we (well, everyone) spied this man carrying a massive white balloon.  He seemed amused by everyone’s curiosity over his unconventional load. It certainly made us smile and wonder, and as you can see, I couldn’t help but take a haphazard picture as we crossed the street.


Headband Happy

Emily is in my Patternmaking and Apparel class and she is super cute. I mean just look at her awesome headband, framing her bold bangs, sparkling green eyes, and charming smile. Just using some yarn,  pieces of fabric and buttons, Emily creates whimsical headbands in a pinch. And you can too!  Why spend twenty five dollars or more on a headband that you could quickly make yourself for half or less than half the price? Plus, people think you are cool if you wear things that you make. You can braid/crochet/knit yarn together for a headband (like Emily who crochets chains and braids them together) or you can buy some plain ones and set your hot glue gun to work (like me)!  In this case, there is nothing wrong with using your hot glue gun- whoever made those twenty five dollar headbands at Urban Outfitters used one too. Check out this site for more inspiration!

Emily sporting one of her adorable headbands

More examples of Emily’s lovely headbands

Me wearing a headband I made using  purchased feathers from Joann Fabrics (peacock and pheasant)

This is not the best picture, but I thought I would post it anyways.

(I ended up selling this headband at the Wisconsin Union Directorate

Student Art Sale, thank you to whoever bought it!) I wrapped a

cloth headband in ivory ribbon and hot glued on some rhinestones

I had laying around and some roses that I made with ribbon. (My friend Sam

taught me how to make roses with ribbon- hoping to post a how-to on that soon!)

On the Storefront

So this is kind of old news, but Forever 21 and Francesca’s Collections are now open at West Towne Mall, and Rethreads is open on State Street.  The Forever21 is ginormous, and the Francesca’s here is bigger than the one at Deerpark chez moi. Bigger is not always better, but so far the Forever 21 remains organized and has a lot of cheap and trendy items to offer; and I like seeing more of Francesca’s clothing, accessories and gifty items too. Rethreads, a buy-sell-trade clothing store has a great variety of second-hand and vintage clothing at reasonable prices. Check out what I found: This high-waisted hand-sewn skirt with a velvet yoke and trim for fifteen dollars!






I Spy… Plaid Coat.


What a nice coat, the red bag  is a great accent, and those boots -pretty sure they were Marc Jacobs.

I Spy… Black with Pops of Print.


I especially love their coats (two different stylish silhouettes), and shoes (shiny patent leather and the chain detail on the boots)

I Spy… Ruffles.

IMG_4323One thing I love about being a Design student in the School of Human Ecology is that everyone has a great sense of style that I get to witness everyday. I was just about to compliment Lauralyn (right) on her lovely ruffled blouse when she complimented me on mine! So here we both are after pattern-making and apparel class.

While I was not a fan of the ruffles on Project Runway last week, I did not understand why Nicolas was so anti-ruffle.I love ruffled blouses because they are romantic and versatile. In fact, this shirt is probably my favorite item in my wardrobe right now, just because I can wear it so many different ways. (fyi I do not follow that “no white after Labor Day” rule) Ruffled tops are flattering for women who are small-chested (like me), since they add volume on top.

Sister date and mommy-daughter date, layering the blouse under black dresses.


I spy… Badger Pride.


So I went to my first Badger game last weekend versus Michigan State, and we won! What is great about our team colors is that they are so wearable. Even in the sea of red, people still put their own twists on Badger gear, from red pocket squares to red shoes (middle) to red ribbons (right). I liked all the vintage-inspired fitted shirts (left) and the more subtle takes on Badger pride, like cute red and black plaid shirts and scarves.

You can get your Badger pride on at:

  • University Bookstore
  • Insignia Campus Apparel (on State Street near the Bookstore)
  • Campus Street Sportswear (on State Street near Urban Outfitters)
  • Name of the Game (on University Ave near Lucky apartments)
  • Lids (on State Street, mostly baseball caps with some t-shirts mixed in)
  • Bop (women’s, more expensive)
  • Jazzman (men’s, more expensive)
  • Victoria’s Secret (women’s, available online and in stores at East and West Towne malls)
  • Personalized tee shirt stores on State Street like Personalizing Shop, and Underground Printing (this is where you can get your Sconnie shirts and the ones that say Worst State Ever with a picture of whatever state we are playing against)
  • Websites like U-stuff (tees with an illustrative style highlighting Badger game traditions like Jump Around) and Wisconsin Relic (not actually UW Madison specific, but cool general Wisconsin pride)