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The Dog Owner

Pro photos courtesy of Eric Gaurkee, and modeled by my talented and adorable classmate, Miki.

“The Dog Owner” was a realization of one of my designs for the Apparel I Duality project. This project focused on communicating two opposing ideas in one garment –  in my case, domestic versus wild. For this piece, I focused on the role control and trust play in the relationship between people and their pets. I also thought about human perception of pets in opposition to their pets’ natural disposition as animals.



I Spy… The White Balloon.

As Trace and I walked back from the Art Institute to the train station, we (well, everyone) spied this man carrying a massive white balloon.  He seemed amused by everyone’s curiosity over his unconventional load. It certainly made us smile and wonder, and as you can see, I couldn’t help but take a haphazard picture as we crossed the street.