Living the Dream Again!

So, I am wondering and so is everyone else: what am I  going to wear to this fancy dinner?

Tried on about every single dress at the BCBG Max Azria factory store in Pleasant Prairie. Nothing was right. I liked so many of the dresses, but being six foot two inches made it difficult for the clingy cocktail dresses to fit me in the right areas and remain a decent length.

I felt I should make a dress, but I was pretty exhausted from the semester, not confident enough in my very newly acquired pattern-making/draping skills, and did not lug home my books and rulers for that anyways.

My mom suggests, Why don’t you e-mail a Chicago designer and ask them to borrow a dress? I shy away from this idea, thinking that it would not work,  feeling this is too bold of a move to make. But mom knows best. And really, why not? Another what-have-I-got-to-lose situation. I go home and research chicago fashion designers. I come across Lara Miller, who instantly becomes my role model. I admire her clothes and design philosophy. She ensures her clothing is produced sustainably and ethically, and her tag line is “wear it your way”. So, I e-mail her and explain my situation and she e-mails me back! She says that if I intern for her for a day, then I can borrow a dress! I wanted to intern for her anyways, so this was a really good deal. I went to her studio in Chicago on Monday, and helped organize her collections with Amanda, Michelle, and Rebekah. Everyone was so nice and welcoming, and it was so cool to see a designer’s studio! The racks of clothing, the inspiration boards, the paper patterns, the bolts of fabric … *sigh*. Another dream come true.

And I got the dress.

Lara Miller Vegan Hemp Silk Hudson Dress from her Holiday 2009 collection

This is how I am going to wear it to the dinner (above pictures), but just look at all the possibilities. Two thick long bands on each side can be tied in numerous ways. Here are a few ideas:

Strapless, with bands crossed in the front and tied in the back

Crossed in the back and the tied around the neck in the front






















































































And you can always wear it strapless tied in the front…

… or tied in the back















I paired it with these heels (pretty much my first real pair, as I do not need the extra height!), a bauble bracelet handmade by yours truly (black and amber beads on ostrich leather band with snap closure), black heart-shaped Betsey Johnson studs, and a deep green faux python Simply Vera Wang wrist let.




























































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