For You.

I made my sister, Elena, this embellished collar/necklace for Christmas. I bought this cardigan from Gap (in a tall, of course 🙂  ) and made an embellished band that snaps on and off so that the sweater can be washed; and the band also has hidden hooks and eyes so it can be worn as a big necklace separate from the sweater. I cut out circles in various sizes of cotton from an old shirt, tulle, some hand-dyed silk samples, a swatch I did not use, and other mystery fabrics picked up at the fabric give away at the end of the semester. (See what you can make out of scraps?) I sewed the circles onto the black cotton band with french knots and beads. Elena wrote about it here (I stole her pictures that her photographer boyfriend, Adam, took)

Me and Elena on Christmas

As a necklace

Some details

Inspired by:

and these

featured on Elena’s blog.


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