Sample No. 1

I am featuring a series of samples from my DS 228 Structural Enrichment I class (Fall 2009). The challenge was to create four samples (each one around 10″ x 10″) drawing upon techniques from this class (beading and embroidery) as well as surface manipulation explored in the introductory 5 week class, keeping in mind “the impact of a dense encrusted field of texture”. When I work on samples, people often ask what I am making. I like to compare samples to thumbnail drawings or preliminary sketches. The techniques explored here could be used later on in a garment, like thumbnail drawings etc. are used as a basis for a larger sketch or painting.

This was my first sample drawn from the sample above from the  introductory class, where I crumpled up muslin with gold acrylic paint. I added a beaded edging stitch along the creases to this current sample. I would have liked to use this technique on every single crease, but I could not due to time limitations.

“Midas’s Muslin” Muslin, gold acrylic paint, beads


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