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I Spy…Delightful Accessories.



I Spy…Autumn Orange.


I Spy…Shirt and Shoe Coordination.

IMG_4472Okay, I know you can’t really tell in this picture, but his shoes matched his shirt, and that was what caught my eye. Overall, this is a nice casual look.

I Spy… Shimmering Sandals.



Although fall officially began September 22, the weather has been sandal-worthy lately. Wear them while you can!

I spy… Ring Rhapsody.



I spy… fun flats.


I like the texture play with the mock snake skin and bursting baubles.

Yes, this is my homework.

IMG_4310IMG_4307IMG_4311IMG_4312I’m in Structural Enrichment I this semester with Mary Hark, who is basically like a mom to all of her students. I love this class becauseĀ  we all get to sit around a massive table embroidering or beading while talking about life and listening to music. Right now we’re working on a bunch of samples of different embroidery stitches and beading techniques. Taylor is working on a glistening beaded gradient (left), here are my works in progress on the top right, and on the bottom left and bottom right are Bushra and the samples she has completed so far. Aren’t they beautiful? Her compositions are captivating, her lines clean, and her colors vibrant.

Like what you see? Check out this book, and you can learn to embroider too!